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Summer Program

Ages 3-12
(Must use toilet independently)

Relaxed Montessori Approach

We apply the same Montessori principles of personal responsibility and peaceful, purposeful work to a more relaxed environment with art, puzzles, games, and organized activities.


Mixed Age

Our summer camp will have mixed-age activities and play in keeping with Montessori philosophy. When older children work and play with younger children they learn leadership, responsibility, patience, and it keeps them young at heart. When younger children work and play with older children they have someone to look up to. It's amazing to see the effects a mixed-age group can have on children in terms of their character growth and personal development.


Outdoor Activities

We love getting children outside in nature! They will have ample opportunities to garden, explore, play organized games, and engage in free creative play outside.



Program Details

June 17 - August 23

On a week to week basis
(Tuition rates subject to change)

Hours: 9-4

Weekly Tuition: $350

Extended Hours: 8-5

Extended Hours Tuition: +$50

If you are interested please fill out our
summer enrollment form.

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