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Student driven education.

For students from 1st to 6th grade.



Montessori elementary education continues to embrace the philosophy "follow the child" by providing individualized education that meets each child at the intersection of their readiness and passion. It is common and natural for a student to fall behind in one subject while excelling at another. We believe that in the long run they will learn more that way than by being forced to "keep pace" with the rest of the class. Also, teachers follow each student's path so that they master academic standards while gaining a firm foundation in the concepts with the Montessori materials. It is far more important that our students never lose their curiosity, their passion, or their drive than for everyone to learn the same way. For it is this intrinsic motivation that matters most in a life of happiness and achievement.


Research and Projects

The purpose of education is not to fill the mind with knowledge, it is to develop the capacity to think. Once our students learn essential literacy skills in math and language, we expect and encourage them to ask and answer difficult questions. Our goal is to create an environment where students can be inspired to research topics that interest them, discuss history, philosophy, science, and literature with their peers, and take on projects to build and design things that challenge their abilities. Through all of this great work and the projects they create, students will develop debate and public speaking skills that will be vital for the future. We want our students to learn by doing.


Social Skills

Collaboration is the future of human productivity. To live a healthy and meaningful life in our society requires knowing how to express your own thoughts, engage actively in other people's thoughts, organize with your peers, and act as both a student and a teacher. The mixed age environment and emphasis on student and peer driven education fits perfectly into developing collaborative social skills. Students at Red Bridge will have daily opportunities to act as mentor and teacher, to have meaningful conversations with peers, and to engage collaboratively in the projects that interest them.


Whole Child

We want more for our students than just success at the next level of school, we want them to have a happy life. For us that means our children need an education that includes practical skills, emotional skills, and the arts. We want our students to develop a respect and appreciation for nature through working in our garden. We want our students to plan budgets, take trips, and prepare food as much as our facilities and resources allow. Our individualized approach to education must also include opportunities for relaxation, for mindfulness, and for conflict resolution. Our top priority is that our students leave our care happy and ready to face the challenges of life.

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