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Short Version?

We're offering scholarships to potential elementary students based on merit and need, including a handful of full scholarships to our elementary program. If you might be interested but would like to learn more, please fill out our information and enrollment form.

Okay, now for the full pitch...

Elementary Scholarships

There are many reasons to be interested in alternatives to public school education. You may be wondering if there's a better social environment for your child, have concerns about the one track approach of public school education, or be interested in a school that emphasizes your child's natural passion and curiosity. But there are a few very good reasons to stick with public education. The two biggest reasons are that public education is an education for everyone and that it's free. It's hard to compete with free. Well, what if low or even no cost alternative education was an option? Would you be interested in learning more about such an opportunity? Well, you're here, so let's take that as a "yes!"  


Our Program

Our humble Montessori school started in 2021 and for the first two years had less than a dozen students. Many of our students have truly thrived in our environment, pursuing subjects they're passionate about far beyond anything they would learn in public school, cultivating their intrinsic and natural curiosity, and in a few cases finding a self-confidence, independence, and confidence that is truly inspiring.

The biggest complaint we've had from parents is that our program is too small. There are advantages to a small class, to be sure, but children also need peers. 

Well we took those complaints to heart and are taking radical steps to address them. For that reason we're offering steep discounts on our normal tuition and will offer a spot in our program free of charge for select students. It's our promise to our parents that we'll do what it takes to fill out our program for next year, and make sure that our parents have a school that can provide the kind of social experience they're looking for.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply to our scholarship program, but what we're really looking for in our scholarship program is curiosity and leadership.


Does your child have a subject that they're passionate about, something they would study or develop even if they weren't in school? Perfect! We would love to help them cultivate those interests far beyond what they would have access to at a traditional school.

Is your child a natural leader or have you always felt like they could be in the right environment? Fantastic! We'd love to cultivate their leadership skills and put them in an environment that helps them develop their sense of responsibility and independence while also giving them opportunity to inspire their peers.

Your child doesn't have to have either of these qualities to be considered for a scholarship, but these are the types of personalities and characteristics we strive to cultivate in all students. If you think your child could benefit from this, please consider applying.


How Does It Work?

Okay, so you might be interested, but how does it work? Let me lay out the details:

  • When you apply for the scholarship you'll take a tour of the school and we'll interview you and your child. In some cases we may ask if your child could come for a day or a few hours to see how they fit in our program.

  • Based on that interview and what you are able to pay we may offer a discount of up to $600 off our normal tuition of $1200, and for a handful of students we will offer a discount of the full $1200.  If you accept that discount, then it will apply for as long as your child is enrolled in our program. Increases of tuition may apply, but your discount will continue to be applied to whatever our future tuition may be.

  • If your child is in 5th or 6th grade and you're wondering if middle school is an option, I would absolutely love to find a passionate group of parents to help launch a middle school program with, so don't let that discourage you.

  • In addition to your scholarship, we may offer further discounts to parents who are willing to volunteer time to help out the school. That help could be in the form of advertising, odd jobs, child supervision as part of our aftercare program, or anything else you can think of. Let us know if you're intrested!


If you're already convinced and want to sign up, please contact us and we'll set up a tour. If you'd like more information, please click the link below to fill out a form. Thank you for your interest!

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